Fragmentation TRACKLIST

Hour 1 – Tj Fonik

emotif – Chromium Hangover (Original Mix)
PPK – Resurrection (A-Mase Promo Remix)
Acidova – Space Dive (Original Mix)
Terra Skye – Is This Love (Ford’s Breakbeat Mix)
Daze Prism – Dusk (Original Mix)
JMKL – Tartar (Original Mix)
Kelle – Daboom (Original Mix)
Nelver – Lone Wanderer (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange feat. Mike – Perception (Original Mix)
BT – Loving U More (Freddie Filter Remix)
Jiro – Amnesia (Original Mix)

Hour 2 – A. OUT

A. Out – Intro
A. Out – From Underground
A. Out – Louder Than Bombs
A. Out – Our Answers
A. Out – Vilazodone
A. Out – Preedlock
A. Out – The Wormhole (Cortex Mix)
A. Out – The Ravers (Cortex Mix)
A. Out – Hot Damn (Cortex Mix)
A. Out – Going To Asia
A. Out – Music For Rituals (Cortex Mix)
A. Out – Into The Storm (Cortex Mix)
A. Out – Metal Bite
A. Out – Hold On
A. Out – The Energy Performance
A. Out – All The Way
A. Out – Twisted Reaction (Cortex Mix)
A. Out – Chocolate Trip
A. Out – Fast N’ Loud
A. Out – Losing

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