Motor Cortex Stimulation

Motor Cortex Stimulation
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A. Out’s brutal second album

No genres, no rules: every track on A. Out’s invigorating new album is Motor Cortex Stimulation, as guys describes, a world unto itself.

Entitled Motor Cortex Stimulation, It’s a cantankerous smorgasbord of unclassifiables: industrial strength triumphant cinematic breaks, squat party techno murderation, bone-rattling bloodclart breakbeats and oil barrels of toxic, skin-melting bass are just some of the flavours in his foreboding brew. It sounds a bit like this…

Five years in the making and framed with a political edge it’s the most ambitious body of work A. Out has created since his debut album Psycho Breaks 5 years ago. It’s raw, brutal, complex and as tense as the current global climate.

About the technical connections

We’ve always taken an approach that we should try to do things differently each time. It’s probably not the most efficient way to work, but it's important for keeping engaged – We don’t feel like you learn anything new if you repeat exactly the same process over and over. Almost every record We’ve ever worked on We used a different toolset, partly because We like the challenge, partly because We find it helps define a new sonic footprint for each track or record.

motor cortex stimulation

One of the biggest technical challenges was definitely engineering all the tracks into a similar balance, as they all used different techniques, sound design and mixdowns. In a way We felt We had to level up as an artists to get there. In addition the first LP came out when We was around 25, so in our head We definitely also felt the need to outdo our 25 year old self!

Other challenges

Every time we put out music there is a new set of challenges – and We would say the majority of them come from the time and social landscape in which the music is being released. Even in the last five years getting a record heard has changed so much, there’s way too much focus on social media in our opinion. We have to admit, we have had moments where we am like ‘we didn’t sign up for this.’ Constantly barraging people with meaningless content that doesn’t feel conducive to the art – We mean, should I hire a ghostwriter so that We can focus on important stuff like taking pictures of our dinner?

The other hurdle that all artists face is it feels very much like we’re going back to the old music industry model where gatekeepers are key and the album with the biggest advertising budget wins. This definitely impacts your ability to speak to your audience – for example, most of the main social media platforms reach is now primarily dictated by budget, not content, and most music today is consumed on platforms that are owned or have ties with major labels.

That all being said, We am incredibly grateful. We have gone way further with music than We ever imagined. We started making tunes to play sets at local warehouse parties – it definitely went way beyond that within a few years, so We’m good at this point. After finishing second album there was definitely a sense of ‘yeah sweet, We’ve achieved something’. We could walk away – We definitely won’t – but We could and know We would feel fulfilled.